The Boston Marathon

Marathon Monday is just a few days away and my Facebook feed has been blowing up with all things Boston. It’s only natural that I talk about it too.

The Boston Marathon was never something that was on my radar. In fact, the 2013 bombings made me weary of ever signing up for a race. I knew it existed and was kind of a big deal, but other than that I never paid attention to it. I had only been to Boston for one day in my entire life, so it’s not like I had any real connection to the city.

After running my first half marathon I decided to take a big leap and sign up for my first full marathon. I was on a night shift when I pulled the trigger, and I tend to make drastic decisions when I’m tired. The race was over a year away, and I had 5 more halfs, a 10 miler, and a 10K in the meantime. I added Portland to my spreadsheet. Yes, I keep a spreadsheet. It also includes races I want to do. It looks a little something like this:


I looked up the Boston qualifications standards, laughed to myself, and added Boston 2017 to my sheet – followed by “lol jk”. Months went by, I ran more races, and I tried to figure out what my time goal should be for Portland. I put in some of my better half times into the ol’ Race Times Predictor. Wait what? My predicted marathon time would qualify me? I decided to sign up for the Surf City Marathon as opposed to the half as a backup qualifier. I wasn’t convinced I could do it, and am forever greatful for the people who believed in me and encouraged me. I ended up qualifying at both, with 6 minutes to spare at Portland. I went to Powell’s on my last day in Portland and while perusing one of the mainy aisles this caught my eye:


Sold. I sat there with my coffee and began reading it. I had chills. The whole thing sounded EPIC. The energy. The crowds. The vibe of the entire city the weekend of the race. The race itself. No wonder people nearly kill themselves trying to qualify for this thing. I still can’t believe that a year from now I will likely be a part of it all, and I cannot WAIT. Sometimes I want to cry just thinking about it. I know it won’t feel real until I have that “confirmation of acceptance” in my hand. Only 6 more months to go…

Good luck to everyone running on Monday. Enjoy every moment, beccause you are a part of something HUGE.


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