Back to Half Crazy

Real talk. I only followed a training plan for my first half marathon. After that I wouldn’t really call what I did training, it was more like randomly going for a long run – especially since a couple months after that race I wound up in physical therapy for some gnarly IT Band Syndrome.  Up until this point I essentially showed up to a half and ran it. I did train for both marathons – an 18 week plan for Portland and an 8 week plan for Surf City as it was only a few months after Portland. There was no way of getting around that! I have a year (ugh, so long!) before my next full marathon. In the meantime I have plenty of shorter races to keep me occupied.

Seeing as how I’m already freaking out over my goal for Sea Wheeze, I decided to do not one but TWO training plans. In the past I had use some of the plans from Hal Higdon. They got the job done, and hello, they were F-R-E-E. In fact, when people ask about training plans I usually point them to this website. There are multiple plans based on your current ability and experience, which is awesome. This time around I’m trying something different though.


Some flowers on my “long” run this morning.

This week I started the Gals Who Run 5 Week Advanced Run Program. It revolves around speed work as opposed to building up distance. I figured this would give me a “kick start” before diving into serious training. More importantly, I could use the boost of confidence in terms of speed. Marathon training was just so high volume that I felt like I was actually getting slower. Not cool, yo. Once my 5 week plan is over, I’ll be moving on to their half marathon plan. I’d say the first week went over pretty well. Between my Ragnar times last weekend and some of my runs this week my goal doesn’t seem so far fetched. I mean if I can pull of 8+ miles at a 7:33 pace on less than 2 hours of sleep in the back of a car I can definitely do 13 at 7:15 pace on a full night’s sleep in a BED, right? Right. At least I have 5 other halfs before then just to make sure 😉


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